As a ser­vice to patrons of the DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library, the Library pro­vides a test proc­tor­ing ser­vice for DCPL card­hold­ers in good standing.


  • The stu­dent con­tacts the Library at least one week in advance of the test date to request a proctor. 
  • Proc­tor­ing is pro­vid­ed Mon­day through Thurs­day start­ing at 10:30 a.m. Exams must be com­plet­ed by 4:30 p.m.
  • The stu­dent must read and sign a copy of the Proc­tor­ing Agree­ment.
  • The stu­dent pays a non-refund­able $20.00 fee* for each exam to be proc­tored. The fee, payable by cash or check, must be paid at the time the test is sched­uled. The stu­dent is respon­si­ble for any oth­er relat­ed costs.
  • The stu­dent con­tacts the school to arrange for the exam or pass­words to be sent to the Library.
  • The stu­dent pro­vides an enve­lope and ade­quate postage for mail­ing com­plet­ed exams to the school/​institution, or a toll-free num­ber for return­ing exams by fax.
  • The stu­dent brings cur­rent pho­to ID and pro­vides any need­ed sup­plies (pen­cils, cal­cu­la­tors, etc.).
  • The proc­tor pro­vides an area for test­ing and peri­od­i­cal­ly mon­i­tors the stu­dent. Proc­tors can­not pro­vide con­tin­u­ous monitoring.
  • The proc­tor noti­fies the stu­dent when the time lim­it for the test is reached.
  • Stu­dents requir­ing use of a library com­put­er may need to wait in the queue until one is available.
  • Com­put­ers can­not be reserved for any time or date. Stu­dents must com­plete the online exam with­in the stan­dard one-hour com­put­er time limit.
  • The stu­dent is respon­si­ble for the costs of any pho­to­copies required by the insti­tu­tion. If the insti­tu­tion requires that a copy of the exam be kept by the Library, it will be kept for thir­ty days. With­in the thir­ty days, if the stu­dent con­tacts the Library regard­ing loss of exam in the mail, the Library will re-mail the exam and keep a copy for anoth­er thir­ty days pro­vid­ed the stu­dent pays for addi­tion­al copy­ing costs, enve­lope and postage.
  • Stu­dents may resched­ule once with one-day advance notice.
  • Stu­dents who do not keep sched­uled exam appoint­ments may for­feit their proc­tor­ing fee and may not be allowed to reschedule.

Please con­tact one of these branch­es for more infor­ma­tion or to arrange to have an exam proctored.