We’re open! When vis­it­ing, wear a mask cov­er­ing both the nose and mouth, regard­less of vac­ci­na­tion sta­tus, so we can assist you safely.

Mission & Vision


DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library is a place to grow. The library enlight­ens and enrich­es the peo­ple of DeKalb Coun­ty by pro­vid­ing respon­sive, dynam­ic ser­vices that meet the chang­ing infor­ma­tion­al, edu­ca­tion­al, and recre­ation­al needs of a diverse population.


The library plays a pri­ma­ry role in cul­ti­vat­ing a lit­er­ate and eco­nom­i­cal­ly strong DeKalb Coun­ty, enhanc­ing the qual­i­ty of life for every­one in the community. 

Val­ues Statement

The DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library pro­vides excel­lent ser­vice to res­i­dents based on the fol­low­ing values:

  • Cus­tomer Ser­vice: We wel­come every­one and treat them with open­ness and respect.
  • Access & Inclu­sion: We work to ensure equal access for all. We build, fos­ter, and main­tain an envi­ron­ment that is inclusive.
  • Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vice & Part­ner­ships: We pro­vide indis­pens­able resources and ser­vices to meet com­mu­ni­ty needs. We part­ner with oth­er orga­ni­za­tions to max­i­mize our local resources.
  • Intel­lec­tu­al Free­dom: We pro­vide infor­ma­tion rep­re­sent­ing all points of view. We rec­og­nize each individual’s right to access infor­ma­tion and respect the pri­va­cy of library patrons.
  • Cre­ativ­i­ty & Inno­va­tion: We sup­port cre­ativ­i­ty and inno­va­tion to bet­ter serve the com­mu­ni­ty. We use tech­nol­o­gy to increase access to infor­ma­tion and to work more efficiently.
  • Stew­ard­ship: We are good stew­ards of the public’s resources and look to pro­vide both effec­tive and effi­cient ser­vices to the community.