Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms FAQ

Who can use the meeting spaces?
DeKalb County Public Library serves DeKalb County citizens with a wide variety of materials, services and programs. In addition, some branches have meeting spaces for use by individuals and non-profit organizations as defined by the Meeting Space Policy.

What purpose do these meeting spaces serve?
The meeting spaces serve two purposes:

  • provide space for library-sponsored, library co-sponsored, or local government programs for the public
  • provide space for individuals or non-profit organizations for the purpose of non-profit activities supporting the Library’s mission

Priority use of the rooms will be given to library-related programs and activities. Meeting spaces are not available for purely social purposes, or for the benefit or self-promotion of individuals or commercial concerns. Admission fees cannot be charged to attendees and the meeting must be open to the public.

Who can use the meeting spaces?
An applicant who:

  • has a current DeKalb County Public Library card not blocked by unpaid fines or fees
  • meets the eligibility requirements as defined by the Meeting Space Policy
  • completes the meeting space application and submits the required fee

When can meeting spaces be used?
Events scheduled in the meeting spaces must begin during library hours of operation. Library hours vary from branch to branch. Contact the branch of your choice to determine availability. If use of the meeting space is to extend after library hours, there is a non-refundable charge of $20.00 per hour or partial hour to provide for staff to close and secure the building. Extended hours are only available when the branch is open during the evening. Extended hours cannot go beyond 9:00 p.m. and must be arranged when the space is reserved.

How are the meeting spaces equipped?
All library meeting spaces have tables, chairs, a podium, and access to kitchen facilities with refrigerators, sinks and microwaves. Some have large coffee pots and audiovisual equipment. Please check with individual branches to reserve equipment. 

Can refreshments be served?
Light refreshments are restricted to the following beverages and food: coffee, tea, soda, punch, cookies, bagels, doughnuts, fruit, vegetables, chips and dip.

How large are the meeting spaces? 
Rooms vary in size and maximum occupancy (as set by the DeKalb County Fire Department). Occupancy levels are listed below. 

Is there a fee?

Non-refundable fees are charged for use of our meeting spaces. Fees are:

  • $20.00 for less than 4 hours of use for a meeting or conference room
  • $35.00 for more than 4 hours of use for a meeting or conference room
  • $75.00 for less than 4 hours of use for an auditorium 
  • $100 for more than 4 hours of use for an auditorium 

How does one reserve a meeting space?
An application must be submitted for each meeting space use. This application:

  • may be downloaded here
  • may be requested in person or by telephone
  • must be submitted in person at the location being requested
  • must be submitted with the non-refundable fee
  • must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event
  • may be submitted up to three months in advance

Applicants will be notified of approval within one week. While approval is pending, the requested date may be tentatively scheduled. If an application is denied, the application fee will be refunded by mail within two weeks. Library staff can discuss dates, policies, procedures and equipment availability with the applicant by telephone or in person. In addition, the applicant may also request a tour of the meeting space.

What are the applicant’s responsibilities for using the meeting space?
The responsibilities are:

  • arrange furnishings for meeting and return them to their original place afterwards
  • follow library policies, including the Meeting Space Policy
  • comply with the maximum occupancy limit
  • complete the Meeting Space Security/Exit Checklist
  • take precautions against damage to the meeting space and kitchen facilities
  • provide program information and detailed directions to attendees

Library staff is not available to deliver messages to program participants. The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials or other items owned by the user. Items and supplies needed by the user must be brought on the day of the scheduled activity and removed at the end of the activity.

Can the event be publicized in the library?
Publicity is the responsibility of the individual or group reserving the meeting space. In advertisements, please include the date, time, location, directions to the library, and the contact number of the sponsor. The library’s telephone number and address may not be used to direct questions about the event or to receive mail. If the group would like to publicize its event in the library, please submit publicity for approval to Library Administration.

What happens if the applicant must cancel?
The fee is non-refundable. If a cancellation is made at least 48 hours in advance of the event, the applicant may schedule another date within the next three months at the same location where the original event was scheduled at no additional charge. If the event is cancelled by the library due to an emergency, the fee will be refunded by mail within two weeks, unless library staff is able to assist in scheduling another library meeting space.

Libraries with Meeting Rooms

Branch Maximum Occupancy Phone Number
Brookhaven 30 404.848.7140
Chamblee  78 770.936.1380
Clarkston 66 404.508.7175
County Line-Ellenwood 80 404.241.1668
Covington   404.508.7180


Meeting Room

Auditorium (fixed seating)




Dunwoody 100 770.512.4640
Embry Hills  45  770.270.8230
Flat Shoals  70  404.244.4370
Gresham  49  404.244.4374

Hairston Crossing

Meeting Room

Conference Room (fixed table) 




Lithonia-Davidson 64  770.482.3820
Northlake-Barbara Loar 66  404.679.4408


Meeting Room

Conference Room (fixed table)






Meeting Room

Conference Room (fixed table) 




Scott Candler 60 404.286.6986
Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg 65 770.413.2020



Meeting Room





Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams

Meeting Room

Conference Room (fixed table)





Tucker-Reid H. Cofer

Meeting Room

Conference Room (fixed table)





Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown

Meeting Room

Conference Room (fixed table) 





Please contact the individual branch to discuss equipment availability and hours of operation.