The Library owns over 800,000 books for all ages, most of which you may borrow.

Books for Adults

  • Adult fic­tion (pri­mar­i­ly novels)
  • Pop­u­lar books recent­ly published
  • Adult non-fic­tion
  • Graph­ic novels
  • Large print books
  • Paper­backs

For more infor­ma­tion on books, includ­ing the lat­est best-sell­er lists, and infor­ma­tion on pop­u­lar authors, check out our Shelf Help pages.

Books for Young Adults:

  • Young adult fic­tion (nov­els for grades 9 – 12)
  • Young adult non-fiction
  • Graph­ic novels

Books for Children:

  • Board books (for babies and toddlers)
  • Pic­ture books (most­ly for preschool­ers through 3rd grade)
  • Easy Read­ers (for begin­ning readers)
  • Juve­nile non-fic­tion (for all ages)
  • Juve­nile fic­tion (chap­ter books for grades 2 – 8)
  • Juve­nile paper­backs (all ages)
  • Juve­nile graph­ic novels
  • Reada­longs
  • Large print
  • Check out our Kids’ Page for rec­om­mend­ed titles.

Books in Oth­er Languages:

Sev­er­al branch­es have small col­lec­tions of books in lan­guages oth­er than Eng­lish. These col­lec­tions include both adult and chil­dren’s titles.