Services for People with Disabilities

The Library offers a variety of services to assist patrons with disabilities. If you or someone you know has a Visual Disability, the Library offers Large Print Books, audiobooks (on CD and cassette), video magnifiers, handheld magnifiers, screen enlargement capability on many public access PCs, Home Page Reader software and Kurzweil Readers. Click here for a list of branches with Kurzweil Readers.

Braille and recorded materials are available from the Georgia Library for Accessible Services to any individual who cannot use standard printed materials. This includes individuals who are legally blind or cannot see well enough to read regular print, persons who cannot hold books or turn pages, and anyone certified as having a reading disability. This free service provides materials and equipment via postage-free mail. Materials are provided by the The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress. 

The Library also offers resources for patrons with Hearing Disabilities, including public TTYs (available at these branches), Conference Hearing Assistance systems (available at these branches), sign language interpretation at library-sponsored programsand events (upon advance request) and close-captioned videos.

Resources that are available for patrons with Developmental and Physical Disabilities include the screen reading software Home Page Reader, the Kurzweil Reader and assistive input devices such as track balls and touch screens. Additionally, all Library buildings are accessible to anyone in a wheelchair or with physical disabilities. Most libraries are accessible through electric-powered doors. While every library service may not be directly accessible (i.e., books on the top shelf), the Library will make any reasonable accommodation to provide such services.