RSS Help

What are RSS feeds?
Watch the following video from Common Craft for a simple introduction to RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for publishing and distributing information on frequently updated documents over the Internet. Typically, an RSS feed consists of a number of entries of recent articles, such as a newspaper article or blog entry, with a title, brief summary and link to the full article. In the above examples, each entry is a book or audio visual item owned by DCPL with a link to the Catalog.

What RSS Feeds does the Library offer?
There is a complete list of RSS Feeds offered by the library.

How can I view/subscribe to the RSS feeds?
You can both view and subscribe to RSS feeds in recent browsers. There are a number of RSS readers that are browser plugins or separate programs.

What is the schedule for these feeds?
The Catalog feeds are generated once a week on Wednesday mornings. New titles are added to the feeds when they are available for checkout, not when the title is ordered.

What other Library RSS feeds are available?
A feed is available for RSS Feed Icon DCPLive our blog. You can take any search in the EBSCOhost databases and turn the results into an RSS feed.